There is this meme of a problem concerning the ROKU and YouTube’s channel appearing in miniature. To cut to the chase, use your HDMI connection to your TV otherwise there is a hack if you have an older TV with just the AV connectors. That hack is to use a channel that has the glitch of blowing up your screen, like SnagFilms, and then use your Youtube channel afterwards. One final tip about ROKU regarding today’s home theater set up, is which sound configuration ought you pick? Stereo, Dolby? From source (the ROKU) to ear (your speakers), if your speakers have DOLBY capability (like a 3D sound bar) then choose Dolby on your ROKU, set your TV’s sound to Auto Detect, and the signal out will be Dolby from ROKU to Ear.

What’s the real deal with these Internet Streaming stuff to your TV versus cable? It’s not cable over the internet, it’s over-the-air over the internet, and only a few channels require a subscription fee where most are free, so long as you have the internet (the internet is the medium as air is the medium for an antenna). Figure out the rest.

The only hidden cost, other than a TV, a place to live and a car to get one, is a wireless router if you don’t use wifi in your home. My ROKU requires a wireless (a radio signal without wires and plugs) connection to the internet, it doesn’t have a cable connector for my router, so that is a hidden cost if you don’t have a wireless router (which is the modem attachment that beams out those radio signals), but I also have the cheapest ROKU model, so check. There might be one that plugs right into your modem as does your computer.