ECONOMICS: Saving Money Boosts Underlying Industries

Saving money boosts the economy, and prepares it for export, more than consumer spending. When we save money, that money is lent to other countries; that money is also lent to underlying industries that do not make the final product that they can invest in better air-filters on smoke stacks, the latest tools and machinery therefore improving the processed materials along the supply chain that goes into making the final product. These things the consumer can not impact directly by buying the final retail product. The money might be lent to municipalities that can build infrastructure today, to be the catalyst for high volume of business tomorrow. Consumer spending taxation, in a season or a year, alone is not enough to pay for such a big investment. This might sound like Religion and since when were virtues ever bad for business compared to gluttony, obesity, bad health and falling behind the rest of the world? Several industries span the border but aren’t NAFTA because they’re part of the supply chain or are under one company! NAFTA only covers resources the countries lack by nature or restricted by law like lumber.