Dispatches from Canada

My opinionated dispatches from Canada.

    • The last decade of NAFTA in Canada brought sky high abortion, destroyed water and environment, more household gluttony, bankrupt newspapers, a dead mayor and a lack of medical personnel at the MD level but too many nurses and home care helpers
    • In Canada, lives are a natural resource for commercial media that will change policy
    • Canada is Saudi Arabia run by atheists who thinks science and reading is a “christmas” ornament
    • Murder, organized labor, racism and corrupt are definitive terms every where else but Canada
    • Canadian immigrants are more quarters for the arcade
    • Canadians believe if you get money you don’t need prevention
    • In Canada, the free pass says oops
    • Canadians can find exceptions to every problem
    • The next governor of Eastern Canada is a rapper who ran a successful ecommerce store who believes if teens can’t to abstain they ought to be allowed to drink HAHAHA
    • Canadians can only think in degrees of pettiness, who is less petty
    • It’s not only the eve of NAFTA 2 but 2018 from 2001 from 1983 from 1970!
    • Find a place in Canadian economy, it’s black or white here

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