Canada’s Stupefying Rich Numbers

Canada by the numbers indicates its quite well to do.
0.9% of Canadians make a combined $60 million (at least) whereas 6.88% make around ZERO income. But the average Canadian income is $78K. Link.
“Newsroom : Free Tuition for Hundreds of Thousands of Ontario Students” link
“health expenditure in Canada is expected to reach $242 billion, or $ 6,604 per person” link
This is paid by the government or employer plans and by comparison, “E-commerce accounts for less than 3% of retail sales in Canada: StatCan” link
“The view that newspapers should not get government support is a remarkably narrow one” where other countries have “charitable laws have enabled many news organizations to get donations from philanthropists and regular readers.” link
66% of Canadians own a car (link). 66% of Canadians are also working age which is age 15 – 65. It seems everyone has a car (link)