UPDATED: THE FIX. BANKING DRAMA — My Complaint Letter 2 My Bank

Update. My banking drama is fixed. Here’s the fix.

Originally Feb 9, 2018.
You and RBC’s online credit department have a copy of my last communicated complaint. That is
“My new credit condition brought about by the error by both the automated and live help at RBC Credit, is an unreasonable punishment, with the corporation admitting to its short comings that give rise and make up the entire incident. It is reasonable to say, I would have paid it rather than spend it, as I did this month, and the bank created a smear on my vital credit record, from nothing, from one moment to the next.”

If I don’t hear back within the usual 24 – 48 hours I will begin a consumer complaint process: https://www.ontario.ca/page/filing-consumer-complaint#section-1

I have several urgent priorities that require this issue to be remedied. I have applied to several major American corporations States-side and I am presently involved with The Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Dharamsala, India and The Canada Tibet Committee in Montreal, Quebec. I am also a volunteer with the National Map Corps USGS, that an unpaid open file on my credit report is a detriment on my professional reputation and impedes my livelihood, due to being a customer with your retail banking and mortgage services.

I wait to hear back from you. I am also sending a copy to the same online CSR. I believe you and that person are one the same internal corporate system under my account file.


The Financial Times says, “The financial services industry is not filled with bad apples looking to flaunt the rules, but with professionals who by and large try to do the right thing and are prone to mistakes with unintended consequences. (Why stressed, burned out bankers keep creating industry scandals)”

From RBC’s Annual Report, found on their website.
Human Resources expense is $166,000 per employee (all 80,000 world wide)
Only 94% of employees are proud to be part of RBC
Government & Business Deposits make up 64% of RBC deposits compared to Personal Accounts
58% of revenue is non-interest income from fees and such
Only 1 in 5 people in the Canadian financial services sector works at RBC
Using Robotics, to automate a number of manual processes to deliver operational excellence!
we have grown our sales force in advice roles
business banking platform so that entrepreneurs can spend more time growing their businesses
(I might replace that with personal banking platform, though I am an incorporated non limited liability business owner)