Advertising, Media and Canada’s State Fostering Money

Publishers are crying foul demanding foreign counterparts pay extra, everyone wants to advertise with them. Except who they are blaming, Google and Facebook, are doing it to everyone everywhere. Well, one is a search engine and the other is a social friendship network platform thing. Neither are media outlets and publishers are saying exactly that, that they’re parasites.

I would argue publishers who have not been able to maintain the value of the journalism profession have lost advertising business while gaining a lot of buzz for gossip, that’s just cheap idle chit-chat, not an issue you want to keep like the end of WW-2 or Water Gate (sic).

But publishers in Canada are trying to hitch their broken locomotive onto the tax rights of businesses. At issue are two separate tax policies. One for domestic business expenses and the other is media-cultural fostering. In the first case, a business is buying a local ad and pays retail sales taxes. In the second case, only domestic publishers get government assistance. If the business were to buy an ad targeted outside the country on a USA website, it would get no deduction but it might get free CASH as part of export fostering (yet another tax policy altogether). Ottawa should force Google and Facebook to pay their share

The idea of advertising is to generate sales that a business ought to advertise where it thinks is best and businesses themselves are not part of this media-cultural fostering that the government is doing. There are newspapers that are profitable even in Canada. The rest are worth that gossip…that people half make up themselves on social networks and social media.