The Problem with Diagnosis Climate Change: It’s One System

The problem with diagnosing the impact of climate change, like the global economy (Leading Indicator Definition), is that it is commonly idealized as one system. But like the global economy, where one area goes up another will go down, and the same with climate change. The challenge is finding leading indicators that will tell us if our own area is going up or doing down, becoming more arid and verdant or more drought ridden and desertified.

Ironically, more frequent flooding is a leading indicator that the soil will become more desertified because the flood waters wash away the nutrients, weakening roots and causing more soil runoffs. How do I know this logic? From ancient history that archaeologists record, not as much in modern history. The bigger cases of climate change come from ancient history in archaeological records over hundreds of years that pertain to a kingdom.

So it is such that if you look at the entire system as a whole, you will be chasing after the areas of growth, but this is easier for the financial system and its digital means to invest electronically. The problem for real people is that it is not as easy to chase after areas of growth if you depend on your own land. And the land in this case is more like your body than it is like a material wealth. You must cure any illness with the land regardless of how rich and where you invest your financial wealth.

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Alberta Oil Tar Sands
Alberta Oil Tar Sands