My Experience Using $4.99 Castor Oil

I wanted to grow out my over shaved eyebrows quicker. After a few queries in a search engine people out there seem to be praising castor oil, a common household organic laxative. It’s the latest in natural remedies. And apparently castor oil has wonderful beauty curative properties for the face and hair on top of its physical cathartic effects.

I suspect it works on the face and for hair follicles the way it does when ingested as a laxative, the muscle receptors respond to it and tightens. On the face this tightens pores and pushes out black heads. It also has the quality of not clogging pores because its smaller then pores. It’s a very thick substance, and you can’t but use tiny drops at a time.

What I learned from using it, as part of the overall routine to stimulate hair growth and clean the skin, is not to apply moisturizer where you want hair to grow. That means avoid moisturizing your skin near the hair line or it will recede. Hair follicles are better off if they are not suffocated by heavy moisturizers all day long. To moisturize your scalp just use hair conditioner.

So this is the castor oil routine. Firstly, clean your face and then use a hot moist face cloth to open your pores. Using a few tiny drops of this thick castor oil, rub it on your face and on your eye brows. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash it off with warm water and soap. Dry your skin with a dry towel and apply moisturizer on the part of your face, avoiding your hair line and eyebrows so that the hair follicles can breath.

This is my face after that routine, freshly washed. Lastly, why does it work so quickly for me? I will repeat what I’ve read, that these types of beauty curatives are external and that most of your skin’s health is a reflection of your internal health. So I can see the effect on the surface practically right away because my inside is pretty healthy. If you have health problems it might not turn out as dramatically well.

After a few days I am officially endorsing Castor Oil.