Canada’s “Outsource” Practices Kills Morale

In Canada, the practice of outsourcing work to foreign companies and consequently displacing domestic employees is really lowering morale. Those who have been displaced might bring that up as a weakening of security and management callousness (‘Very depressing’: CIBC staff losing jobs to workers in India, expected to help with training). Management argues for outsource as standard modern business practice, but the cases with the most glaring flaw do not operate in those other countries, so it really is a higher risk environment they have chosen (TD insider says bank doesn’t want you to know it’s outsourcing work overseas). TD Bank, which outsources to third-party staff in India does not have operations there (Does the td bank have presence in India?). The government of Canada is also a big perpetrator of outsourcing special projects and innovation to third-party companies, leaving the skilled experts on its payroll to stagnate (When the public service is outsourced, Canadians suffer). The result is so bad, I can not imagine any direct manager being able to justify it themselves.