Semantics or Anti-Semitic? Canada’s “Christians” Biggest Hate Group on Earth?

The United Church of Canada isn’t Canadian for supporting BDS (a boycott against Israel) though it might sound like private individuals can do as they darn well please, not in this case. It really ought to relocate to Arabia if that is so. First of, it becomes a shadow government with 2 million members acting (at all levels of bureaucracy) against the front facing diplomacy. Its followers are told defacto, regardless of law, to oppose Israel via this BDS mechanism. It also continues to accept an Atheist preacher as one of its Christian gurus. In other views, the BDS is similar to Nazi boycotts of Jewish businesses — a thin veil for hate, not law. This sentiment, with Canada’s military and current and past elected government, is strong enough to make pause. The United Church of Canada, for rallying behind BDS and irrational Atheist preacher as Christian guru, appears like the largest hate group in the world. So funnily, as the 2nd best country on Earth says the World Economic Forum, Canada also has the largest hate group on Earth, hahaha.

The same logic from another angle is that the USA has an embargo on Cuba but Canada does not. It would be disingenuous, perhaps even illegal, to circumvent this situation by using passage through either country. Other countries continue to trade with Cuba and others do not. As a member of a church would you circumvent the official state line and still not feel clandestine?