New World Order of Energy — Natural Gas with Less Carbon Waste

There is a secret giddiness that has delayed itself and perhaps been delayed by recent worldly events. Natural gas trapped in shale rock is a new abundant source of fuel and energy, cleaner than oil and traditional gas (petroleum), that is about 5 times the size of oil reserves ever were.

Engineering firms, in the USA, have been able to develop the technique to unlock and pump out this natural gas, called fracing (fracking) and horizontal drilling (90 degree drilling). Unfortunately, political events prevent global exploration and development. The price of oil and traditional gas, as it seems, might stay low permanently. Not only are countries locking away any of this new natural gas they might have (found around shale rock formations) but they are also locking away their oil and traditional gas reserves as well. So that new developments in energy is slowing globally but not nationally for some countries (Financial Post).

This new fracing and horizontal drilling technique is as significant, in energy, as nuclear technology for any country. Furthermore it is attracting investments from traditional global oil firms, eager to help fund the development of this market, as present sources of oil are either too humanly perilous or require expensive unconventional means to extract, in addition to that nationalism mentioned earlier (The Economist).