My Plea to End NAFTA and Stop the Spread of Crime

I am an incorporated small business owner with a business license and an educated business professional! I have finished an economics degree and what I know of it is that economics is not about money money money! As a Canadian why might I be against NAFTA??? Because more export is a distraction and pipe-dream since the land we live on is dying as it is poisoning our ability to think!!! Toronto is too chicken shit to tackle crime! For that reason, I am anti-NAFTA. This includes Drake and his NBA pals, who needs to be present in words and minds not just absent in body from the ‘scene’, who are chicken shit to tackle address crime, these two-faced ‘millionaires’ from the skule of hard knocks with gang-land associates, after the fact, are still proud of this mark on another ‘NBA season’. They are larger than life tent poles, light houses and moral compasses! They pander to ne’er do wells on the podium — they must choose otherwise it is corruption!!! The ivory tower media aren’t any more literate off their scripted day’s programming. They and the businesses that pander to them make a mockery of honest business. There are men and women with a blatant disregard for the future that is why they behave irreverently toward the environment. I’m anti-NAFTA because Canada can’t manage its kids, who have free jobs, free healthcare and tons of time for pot and heroine. In a land only crooks can own guns where desperate business owners pander to any sort of money while disrupting and undoing any and all progress so long as they can. Finally, in a land where money talks and bullshit walks. Irreverent well paid but working class snobbery in media is the panacea for messages that are communicated through art. The money raking is like a pox infested quilt and we are all Native North Americans. At one point mass communication has become a hang-over cure with rat poison for Americans in it. Where I live, the terrified cop with all of his armor and support tells me this country loves this poison!