(Hacked) Marriott Hotel A Moral Shell with UnAmerican Behavior

UPDATE: Careless’ contractors, ‘hacked’ by an unofficial separatist group, Marriott hustles to regain its footing (Hong Kong Free Press January 19, 2018)

Alarm bells rang when the Marriott fired an employee for exercising their Constitutional Rights who “Liked” a tweet by a Tibet Independence Group (South China Morning Post) — sure the Dalai Lama has come out to say Tibet, that region now part of China, will not seek sovereign autonomy, in other words, it will not pursue the idea that it was a country invaded by a foreign army.

In the bigger story, Marriott’s website in China was censored for referring to Taiwan as an independent country. The Chinese government insists Taiwan is part of China. Marriott apologizes to China for both its Tibetan and Taiwan gaffes.

Despite seeming big, Marriott is quite small because just 1% of its hotel locations are corporate owned. 99% of the rest are owned by, well theoretically, the Chinese (Guru Focus). Perhaps even Cuba, “Marriott CEO urges Trump to improve ties with Cuba” (Fox Business).

Back in America, Marriott accepts ‘hate’ group bookings against civil-rights protestation (Travel Weekly). It also is accused of wage theft at several locations nation wide,“Wage theft is toxic, Marriott, clean up your act,” (Trib Live).

No Marriott location is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (Better Business Bureau) unlike Best Western (BBB), for example.

Erin Andrews, a TV sportscaster and co-host of “Dancing with the Stars” who was secretly videotaped by a stalker while she was naked in a hotel room. The stalker specifically asked for the room next to hers (Jsonline). That’s a breach of privacy and personal security. The fact that the employees have no moral compass to ring their alarms is alarming.

Even if I did own shares in a competitor like Sheraton or Hilton, I’m no Warren Buffett. What’s with giant egos calling out the little guy, over ‘their dead bodies’???