Human Trafficking — A New Path (Disrupting Markets)

My own proposition is that the public have been focusing wrongly and inefficiently on the psychological motivation of victims. These motivations are not that deep or dark rather these motivations are shallow materialism and loneliness that is on the normal spectrum. Sometimes it is also more pressing for certain individuals who are poor. The focus has been misplaced away from the real market place of human-trafficking made up of the supply of money and the suppliers of flesh.

Today’s pop psychology is obsessed with telling one’s own incomplete story. Honestly I have to say, this dating guru has changed her tune after being abandoned by her glamorous boyfriend and a miscarriage. What about the females following in her footsteps???

That is why I think the “cure for loneliness” is not so big a deal as we all are obsessing over. Let us not confuse “Depression” with a capital D and high-school loneliness or “loserliness”.
Here is a very good investigation of that market place, from the men who will pay for it and the cars these pimps drive as well as the girls who have fallen into this trap (The Toronto Star).