Canada’s Minimum Wage Increase is Critical Life Support

In Canada, a highly educated and skilled workforce work multiple part-time jobs to make up a 40 hour work week. An increase in the minimum wage from $11 to $14 will help them acquire a livable annual salary (The Globe and Mail).

At the same time, a conundrum looms large, that being the elimination of one full-time 40 hour work week job. The government predicts the elimination of 60,000 such jobs due to the increase in the minimum wage (The CBC), and its already common knowledge that any drop in the unemployment rate has to be double-checked by the underlying type of work, whether it is part time positions or full time positions with all of the trimmings like pension and health plans.

Canadian job market in 2016 propelled by part-time work as full-time jobs faded (Global).

The minimum wage increase is needed because it is a critical life support. What is happening to the real meat and potato economy, no one knows.

Government owned casinos extended lines of credit to deadbeats of $10 million (Toronto Star)

6,000 Canadian jobs at risk, U.K. construction company Carillion’s collapse (Toronto Star)

Yellow Pages Ltd. cuts another 500 jobs as it struggles to survive (CTV)

I know for sure the government is creating the golden collar jobs in agriculture, healthcare and education. My economics degree didn’t have digital marketing advertising in it back in the day, and it has afforded me the opportunity to move where that market is doing better.

Everyone, staying or leaving Canada, appears to be moving to where the work is.
Six years after tax credit cut, Sask. film industry on ‘life support’ but not beyond saving
Rhonda Baker spent the Christmas holidays in Regina, visiting family. Soon, it’s back to work in the booming Manitoba film industry (Leader Post).

I think that when Canadians voted for change, they might have unknowingly thought it would happen around them. Anyways, the environment and human rights is worth the quote-unquote sacrifice. And those golden collar jobs are there for future executives in those fields.

Even as 6,000 Canadian construction jobs seem imperiled, Canadian builders are expanding in the USA. Perhaps there’s something else non-business afoot.

Even those with pot convictions forgiven are banned from USA (All Cleared)

Canadians taking debt into the New Year (Metro)

BBB Canada’s top 10 scams earned crooks $1.2B last year (CBC).