Canada the Stoner Economy

Real estate, rental and leasing (13%) of GDP is more than manufacturing (10%) of GDP, meaning renters are more productivity than pulp and paper mills, and more than oil extraction (8%) (Wikipedia). And renters spend more on Netflix than fridges and stoves . Canadian consumers spent $25.1 billion on cultural goods and services in 2005, an amount that is 5% higher than the combined consumer spending on household furniture, appliances and tools ($24.0 billion) (Ontario Arts Council)

Also the raw GDP numbers from the Government of Canada (Stat Can).

And no one wants to ruin their day. “Living Hell in hotel chains” (Toronto Star) . But no one’s getting any better, “5% have Masters Degrees, many Canadian MBA programs need foreign students to fill the gap” (Globe and Mail). 0.7% have Medical Degrees, who believe there’s ample evidence of harms on medical pot: doctors’ groups (CBC). Canadian frustrations driving it’s largest homebuilder further into U.S. (BNN). Temp agencies are replacing regular jobs, and BC response hasn’t kept pace (The Tyee). Canadian Tire Corp. launches lobby effort on duty-free online shopping (iPolitics) to keep the duty free limit of online shopping low, countering Americans who want Canadians to order and wait at home (hahaha).