Business v Occupy — Defects v Lack of Information

What is wrong with America today? Business says its too much government interference and Occupy says its lack of government monitoring. America being capitalist, recognition awarded with money not as much with medals and added privileges as with communism, the American economy is experiencing higher rates of defects, in production, in service and marketing as well as in entertainment and media. Businesses aren’t hiring as they should with a mind toward being an ‘on-going organism’ but behave like predators cannibalising the economy — business practices aren’t strategic nor profitable but spend thrift, leaving behind less not leaving behind more. On the other end of the spectrum, the safety and security of work is lacking as is the ease of access to information. Information has been corralled by money-raking interests that it has become practically impossible for citizens to get the information they need.

No one’s envisioned the corporation as a tribe, so business will speak for Business altogether and so on so forth. But every corporation and organization is a tribe that unfortunately a few tribes are just completely awful out there. Is the Atheistic United Church of Canada the same as the United Church of America??? Is Hollywood the same as Hollywood North??? Then the BBB USA is not the BBB Canada, nor is the COC USA the same as COC Canada