Dear General, Don’t Forget Why We Are Fighting for Net Neutrality

The Internet is not democracy, democracy is democracy, no matter the make or woman you pick

I fear the FCC’s understanding of the internet, by extension their influence in government, is less than digital literacy curriculum, impeding future American school children under the yoke of corporatism and trademark ownerships

If you want to keep the debate to just language, then you already lost because its a waste of words. The FCC is full of luddites who have been exposed for their digital illiteracy despite the curriculum we have for children

If our brand sucks you better watch your mouth retard or you’ll be the only asshole using 5G, enjoy shithead. This from my bloomberg terminal. Tinder + whores + 5G = bloomberg terminal for the poor

The FCC people hold themselves as virtues — though how do we know they have as much capital, outside their working hours, as we all do? The FCC, thinks your kids behave like them in the Capital lunch room, amid Senators. They know jack shit about your family behind close doors. Your cache size is 1 million kilogigs? You’re a fucking moron! You’re still seeing a copy from 1984?

The FCC gonna tell you, their choice is better than my real family? We got Harvard and military service and are festooned with the same awards and our capital is still big. A million tweets a day is a fucking robot-dialer you goddam shithead. That act is a stripper cum porn actress with a robot dialer and a one off civil rights message while people were drowning — only Viets there now.

The FCC doesn’t know what the fuck it takes to raise kids The FCC gonna tell, your white trash kid ought to listen to a fat Canadian fuck with cancer from the tar sands — who needs a lay? This same fat Canadian fuck who puts his life in someone’s hands for free still thinks he means something as a free customer of healthcare to the doctor and his brood who descended from the royal lineage of a country. Some fat fuck Canadian sales manager with his bad taste plastered nation wide up in Canada thinks he’s got the pool of pussy where HIV is secret and 1 in 5 don’t even check hahaha That fat Canadian fuck’s got cancer in his brain

Him and his ‘step’ kid he ordered from a banner ad

I’m sure you’re so goddam poor Jim Carey’s done more for your life than Western advances Go sell your health insurance now bro hahaha because they’re like OJ…from TV.

AL not AI