The Middle Class has Transformed Governments

A story in Quartz titled “Stop glorifying colonialism. Have we already forgotten the starvation, plundering, and sheer brutality?” (article), and fear in the media about the Trump Presidency, leads me to the theory that the middle class of the new world has changed the ethos of governments, where once it was about industrialisation and greed.

Today, it is health, strength and intelligence, as measurable as gold reserves and the number of slaves, that is the tome of government. And it is because of service that rich nations are empathetical of one Earth and one common destiny.

So much of the fear surrounding the Trump administration is also similar in ilke to the fear surrounding Hillary Clinton giving interns a chance. It is hiring balance sheet technicians of old. They’re both the same, just further down the road.

The fact that none of Canada’s government has served in the military, at least not for Canada, is a chilling idea. One fresh politician was a ‘business man’ with an office next to a ‘erotic massage parlor’ (erotic is my own sic that usually goes along with just massage parlor).

The CIA says Canada leads in money laundering while the World Economic Forum lauds its appearance. That’s lost on ‘folks’. Toronto, and Canada, is a country of two worlds of “epidemic poverty” and sky high pollution. Our lauded healthcare system logs 130% occupancy rate months over months. While the average salary is no more than that of New Jersey, the entire household private debt load in Canada is 101% to our GDP (of oil, planes and IT services).

Canada is defaming and libeling me! Because the world over is going the honest route and booming! Bitcoin (and crypto currency) is banned in Vietnam and India had to decommission its currency in order to clean up secretive wealth that it calls Black Money. These incredible feats of government are happening around the world while the superior West is struggling with Bitcoin ATM scams on old ladies or whether Private Equity firms are better than Venture Capitalist firms like a discussion between gilded buccaneers.