Short Film Feature: Silhouettes, Noteworthy Award Winner

Made available by its director, writer and producer, Akil DuPont. A fairy tale romance about a painter who sees the world through silhouettes.



A tragic adoption from an orphanage in the 1930s separates Charles from his childhood sweetheart, Sylvia. Charles only sees the world through silhouettes, but learns to express himself through art. While working as a field hand, Charles and Sylvia reconnect 15 years later. Sylvia is engaged to a man that she can’t love and Charles sets out to remind her about a side of herself that she lost long ago.

-Audience Award, BronzeLens Film Fest 2013 -Best Overall Film, Texas Black Film Fest 2014 -Best Actor, Texas Black Film Fest 2014 -Best Short Film, Texas Black Film Fest 2014 -Official Selection, Dallas Int. Film Fest 2014 -Official Selection, Ft. Lauderdale Int. Film Fest 2013 -Official Selection, Hollywood Black Film Fest 2013 -Official Selection, BHERC Film Fest 2013