Securing Your Web Browser Cookies

A website cookie is a “convenience” offered to the website’s visitor but it is also a privilege the customer gives to the website. As a privilege to that business it is a consumer power.  Businesses try to convince the consumer to give them this privilege by offering “conveniences” that makes their experience more pleasant.

If you want to take control of cookies, you begin by securing your browser. It is like securing your phone.

  1. Block 3rd-party cookies. These are cookies set by entities that are not the actual website you are visiting. They might by ‘partners’ and ‘advertisers’ that the website management has allowed to ‘spy’ on its relationship with you.
  2. Delete temporary files, cookies and browsing history when you close your browser. This type of data is stored by your browser (which is really a software, with folder directories on your C:\ where this information is recorded).
  3. Cookies – Keep local data only until you quit your browser
  4. Location – Blocked
  5. Camera – Ask before accessing
  6. Microphone – Ask before accessing
  7. Notifications – Ask before sending
  8. Javascript – Allow
  9. Flash – Allow sites to run Flash
  10. Images – Show all
  11. Pop-ups – Allow (this is my own preference)
  12. Background Sync – Do not allow recently closed sites to finish sending and receiving data
  13. Automatic Downloads – Do not allow any site to download multiple files automatically
  14. Unsandboxed plugin access – Do not allow any site to use a plugin to access your computer
  15. Handlers – Do not allow any site to handle protocols
  16. MIDI devices – Do not allow any sites to use system exclusive messages to access MIDI devices
  17. PDF – Open in browser, do not download

Lastly, if there are any features you are unaware of, then turn them off. These “conveniences” are consumer-bestowed privileges businesses want you to give away. Only on the internet have people trusted ‘reps’ of companies as if they are heavenly creatures though these companies are running havoc all over our economy. Good companies don’t target consumers that way.