Canada’s Hockey ‘Slave’ Labor and U.N.’s Shallowness

Update — The CHL lost to the junior hockey players and must pay minimum wage retroactively (article).

The U.N. (correction: World Economic Forum) released a report showing Canada has the bestest most positive influence on the world and by Canada they don’t mean me but the government. Bringing me to the issue of Canada’s ‘child slave’ labor in our sterling hockey system that is fostered by the government at the core of our pride, privilege and superiority. There’s little argument inside the country and it’s perhaps because these 16-20 year old junior hockey players work full time (37 hours a week) for 9 months each year, so they become ultra rich athletes or workers with nescent high school education and thusly nil higher education and insight.

“players can make as little as $35 a week” (article)

NHL PAYS HALF CHL EXPENSES, Lawsuit: these ‘students’ don’t get their education nor compensation if they don’t make it (article)

“JUNIOR HOCKEY” –AMERICAN HOCKEY LEAGUE $37,500 for U.S. teams and $40,000 Canadian for teams in Canada (article)

“Expert witnesses for both the plaintiffs and defendants say paying players minimum wage would cost teams about $285,000 annually.” (article)

The U.N. (correction: World Economic Forum) is using poverty and minority rights as marketing features for its fundraising targeting the majority in other countries and their rich, because the very idea that it considers Canada a shining example of its values is utterly plastic. Which makes sense as the (correction: World Economic Forum) is about only the wealthy.

When you talk about tires, in Canada, they ask which brand first.

World Economic Forum: These countries have the most positive influence on the world
World Economic Forum: These countries have the most positive influence on the world

Youtube later removed my video. Youtube can’t remove ‘kiddie-violence in rich homes’ but it can remove rich ‘slave’ business models in 1st world economies! ‘Kiddie violence’ is on par with ‘slave’ here, and I fear the rich who run these businesses, because they ain’t poor, are nickel and diming the middle class, causing strife where we don’t see that will lead to war between states on our taxes. The result is a nation of workers with solid ability but low spirituality, that is real Education!

You are not a maid, Supreme Court!
You are not a maid, Supreme Court!

They’ve just been ‘Rick rolled’. Never forget your roots, nigga! I went 4 Nexus Plexus instead of the Lexus.

The End.