Canada’s Economy is the Anti-Christ

What Simon Anholt, founder of The Good Country, calls psychopathic governments. Canada, with the most parks per capita, a manipulation that puts it in the Top 3 heavenly places on Earth, despite a 49% poverty rate in cities and junkies using those parks in daylight to shoot up.

More on Canada’s developing world poverty rates. By the government.

“in 1980, only two per cent of Peel’s neighbourhoods were considered low income. As of 2015, that number has grown to 52 per cent.” By the small press.

“That’s not a title we should wear with any pride” By the university.

Basic adult ESL is $1,000 for new immigrants (article), easily leading to ‘nigga dick’ (prostitution) and junkie-lover (drugs or secret economy). The Canadian economy is a bank account for wealth manufactured in other countries, but not manufactured in Canada, what the press calls ‘criminals and tax cheaters’ (article). But it funds our public backed ventures, which is not a ‘real’ market economy. An economy that assuage the government in their jobs by providing tax havens for the wealthy. The worse part is that it is lying to the rest of the world, which is recasting its historical status and position.