Hidden Environmental Tax We All Pay on behalf of Publishing Industry

We all pay a hidden environmental and waste disposal tax on behalf of the publishing industry. I propose that they be carried only by specialty retailers, like bookshops and magazine shops, and not by general stores because these unsold magazines add to pollution, waste and garbage dumps.

As stores charge me for plastic bags to carry groceries home, they ought to be charged themselves for racks of magazines. They ought to be taxed for the money they make on these frilly consumer entertainment frings. And in fact, any business ought to be charged a paper tax, for providing magazines that aren’t actually free are they? So offices that have magazines ought to pay more for their subscriptions because it is a commercial asset to entertain their customers. Businesses that want the general public to keep paying for their pollution will lose the support of the silent majority.

Publishers will have to operate like cable TV, that is their customers pay for the cost of those magazines. And specialty retailers can afford to pay the additional cost because they will have an exclusive market.