Equustek vs Google – Canada’s World Order Makes Its Appearance

Canadian manufacturer of global analog-2-digital switches used for manufacturing, Equustek,  has been awarded the right to have Google delete all trace of the thief selling its product under another name from the global internet(history). Google has gone to California seeking not to have to follow through, “Google’s US court challenge to SCC “repugnant” order” (news). Funnily, Equustek needs this more than alerting the players in its industry of this thief, which is a lot less effort and cost while not rewrite international laws such that Canada is the jurisdiction where court rulings can be imposed on the world, for a petty thief. It also turns an American corporation into an instrument of Interpol, managed by Canada, in catching counterfeit thieves for other companies.

Another lawsuit in Canada is accusing European car manufacturers of selling below-standard products, as those in Europe, in Canada (article).
Equustek is located on the back nine in British Columbia (it is isn’t it?),