Canada y USA: Less Piracy Means More Appreciation

American and Canadian media are not getting the profits they need and are losing money because the border for internet content is unregulated. This is not the case with TV or Cinema programming, that charges licensing fees for cross border exports of content. The current model for cross border advertising sales, that involves local agents, just has not worked (corporate media itself admit losses all the time). It is because these local agents aren’t slim jims but themselves big corporate entities with large overheads as well.

It seems to me everyone wants more domestic conversations on domestic productions. But right now it’s this
“NBA Toronto Raptors join anti-Trump ranks” article
And I say this,
iHeartRadio Canada has big shows for American acts and secret exclusive shows for Canadian acts — that’s bad. Our artists grind it out at home to be disrespected by aging ‘corporate media wage slaves’ who bets Vaughn, a rural suburb north of Toronto will be Amazon HQ2 in North America (article), instead of possibly Oklahoma City — it’s a bunch of blather you can’t bank on for any sort of development (personal, career, wealth). They take themselves seriously because it is a one way looking glass (free American content, and government backed commercial Canadian content). They are obviously pandering to their government backers not their mandate as a real information outlet.

As the world monitors everyone else, Canada’s corporate media blathering makes anyone who does not stand up for their own values look incredibly daft, financially illiterate and, like, a hayseed.

Money is already draining out of the Toronto Stock Exchange, raising trading volumes – pushing the Canadian dollar lower and taking leave of Canadian bonds and back to American stocks (article). It is because of these lowly educated corporate media bumpkins who have been loafing off free American reporting resources all these years. Let to themselves they’ve gotten themselves and their readers into a lot of personal debt and lost opportunities. They do not understand the financial world, rushing from one sudden high to the next, like ruined hippies saving themselves.

Canadians for lack of understanding these big systems are conflicted when the Canadian crew on Deadpool 2 says the Black female stunt person died due to affirmative action in the film business. They feel their stomachs growling at the thought of Black Lives Matter (article)

As “Bell wants Canadians blocked from piracy websites” (article) it seems to me every free American website is a piracy website if it cost money to operate. On top of that Canadians on the Supreme Court of Canada wants to control how you operate on the web by setting a precedent forcing Google to scrub the global world wide web, on behalf of two small parties in a ‘theft under’ case (article).