33% of Canadians in Poverty Won’t Enjoy Our $1.5 Trillion National Pension Plan

Our national Canadian Pension Plan (shortened as CPP) is a vast national mutual fund run by the Canadian government for all working Canadians. For every paycheck you earn, a CPP amount is removed, similar to an income tax, which you get back in retirement at 65. Albeit not in one lump sum but over the estimated years you have left after 65 from our Census data, and since life spans are increasing, such an amount is stretched from the time you retire at 65 to the estimated time you die at 80 (government webpage).

Mathematically speaking $1.5 Trillion for 30 million people is $50,000 each but this isn’t communism.

This is a different issue from the one that all of Canada is celebrating, which is the success of the fund’s management in managing $1.5 Trillion (article). They’re all drunk on rose wine. Finally, the rich in Toronto have “Plan unveiled for Toronto’s own World Trade Centre complex” (article). No one blinks an eye here because it’s like “gangster’s paradise” so long as you can swallow it.