NAFTA: Recreational Weed Costs A Lot, Give That Defense Money To Dreamers

I appreciate you folks supporting Dreamers so lets get real. “Recreational Weed Costs A Lot, Give That Defense Money To Dreamers.” You can say you ain’t too bright cuz y’all White, but lets get real, you can’t win elections and your daddy made money one time (don’t just be a White stripe slow poke). You will get on board pronto, slow poke. Good clean fun is better than being stoned, they’ll see. I think their self-entitled comfort in their bubble economy makes them facile like a snake in the grass. The reality is you lay golden eggs bigger than theirs.

Do good for us: Montreal father of would-be jihadi hid passports to try to keep son home (article). Well, you’re Canadian not ISIL. That moron has to be ISIL to speak out? He ain’t got the right stuff and he’s a Nigga and CANADIAN. That moron is just bad at math.

For all its chiding of the USA, it’s the worse unofficial energy abuser because no one counts illegal drug production energy usage! Canada tops the list for having the most parks and also a hotbed for drugs. The less money Canada has the less likely it’ll run crying to join ISIL because Canada is still a White Man’s world even when that idiot in Montreal is a nigg*@! Canada is a good example of catering to the ignorant and half-learned for fear of being less than perfect. The founders of Canada had nothing to do with weed but they’re long D-E-A-D. How long is this coming of age voyage gonna take before Canada tackles its own problems? NAFTA isn’t talk therapy Canada.

Pictures: The Energy Drain of Recreational Drugs (National Geographic)