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Announcing three essential information websites for the senior executive with a family

Three new indispensable high-quality informational websites making the most of digital literacy and Open Government Data to promote equity, access to information and Open Democracy.

TORONTO – Sept. 14, 2017 – PRLog — Independent Internet Marketing Inc, a fresh consulting firm owned and operated by a digital marketer who is one of the ‘Big 5’ in the USA and a member of the once-royal family of Vietnam, announces three notable and rising current affairs websites that promotes Open Government, fairness and wealthier life decisions through a protected method of digital literacy, the social web and family safety.

City-Wellness Atlas ( is a website of atlases (mobile and desktop web maps) that uses Open Government Data to illustrate the practicality of public information, such as air pollution, public art landmarks, poverty, business economy and tourism. It is approved, by the University of Oxford Open Data Apps directory, the National Government of Canada, the City of Toronto, the Greater London Authority in the UK and the EU Open Data organization. It presently has more than 1,600 registered members who are making use of these maps for convenient reference purposes. ‘Find a Top 20 Chain Restaurant near You’ has logged more than 30,000 views, ‘Live News Around the World’ has logged nearly 9,000 views and ‘Find a Healthcare Place Anywhere’ has logged nearly 4,000 views in 24 hours.

Hustle 4 Info ( is a topical learning website that publishes on a weekly basis, helping its 750 registered readers with meaningful summaries of important current affairs that elucidate complex subject matter. Recent posts have been about the Crisis in Venezuela, the Bitcoin and Bitchain phenomenon and an honest look at Poverty in America. Hustle 4 Info models its posts with the aim of ‘news you can use’ and good digital literacy, as taught in classrooms, is evident on every topical post.

Comm-giving ( is a marketing website helping managers of non-profits and non-government organizations make the most of internet marketing tools. Its daily blog updates, sent to more than 700 subscribers, introduce internet marketing best practices, strategies and tactics to help its members make the most of their resources. Registered members also receive well thought out presentations that delve deeper into marketing strategy and planning for the non-expert by an expert who is one of the ‘Big 5’ digital marketers in the USA.

Company Information: Independent Internet Marketing Inc. is a fresh consulting firm, less than 5 years old, incorporated in Toronto, Ontario. It will pursue its Better Business Accreditation in November as well as incorporate in New Jersey, USA. It is owned and operated by a digital marketer who is one of the Big 5 in the USA (a digital marketing professional completely certified by Google and Bing, Marketing Terms/Sean O’Rourke) and who is an MBA candidate in Australia. It works with clients with sensitive brands that are international human rights groups, senior professional associations and high end luxury retailers.

Contact Details: Phuc-Hoang, Anh-Tu (Mr.), owner-operator of Independent Internet Marketing. Telephone: 437-887-9572, email: , www: