Pan Am Games 2015 (Canada) – ‘Kinda Racist’ Marketing

Job well done but a business fiasco because of bad marketing. Stemming from related news that the city of Hamilton, a steel-town near Toronto, that held some events for the Pan Am Games 2015 in Canada will not be seeking to bid for the next Commonwealth Games, another international sporting event, because of the low return on investment result of the Pan Am Games 2015 (article).

An HR & Events Manager of the Pan Am Games responded to the media coverage defending the execution of the event and the people who helped pull it off without a hitch. In his Letter to the Editor is the tell-tale clue of what went wrong (article).

The major reason, a hidden one, the Pan Am Games 2015 did not perform well for local area businesses, he said, is because of the small population of the expat communities to support the visiting teams. My conjecture about the Pan Am Games 2015 has always been that it was a marketing failure, including over priced mascots who reaped huge overtime pay and threadbare advertising (post).

It’s an erroneous reason, and given that he’s an HR & Events Manager, not the Marketing Manager, he doesn’t see that. As these are sporting competition, the emphasis ought to be on the athletic performance and competition, not the expat community. I’m sure expats and tourists do not carry the bulk of Olympic competition, not always. Many watch by TV at home and many more are interested in Track and Field or the Decathlon or Skeet Shooting. Like, Usain Bolt, a Jamaican, whom we all love.

It’s suppose to be sports marketing, not ethnic marketing. This is the reason the Pan Am Games 2015 was a business failure despite going off without a hitch.