NFL: Quarterback Takes a Knee for the Win

In American football, the quarterback can take a knee instead of run a play, in the last seconds to a game to shore up the win (definition). Colin Kaepernick taking a knee is a signal that America ought to shore up its narrow margin win at this point in time (article). He’s not a resister but an American quarterback who Time Magazine says is America’s most influential person. American professional players are paid league rates, not exchange rates, and it has to do with the American standard, which is still the most educated and most innovative and by all indications the most socially conscious and optimistic. As well the most well-rounded. Fair trade is better than free trade when American consumers are so plentiful.

Free trade is a great theory, like a great play, but you need a great group of honest players too (articles)! America first is vital because it is a fragile country and others don’t much care to understand how. While some states are as big as European nations others are smaller than your own northern metropolises, a few of them under water right now. Leaving a window open is no reason to be robbed by your neighbors who wear medals of honor too! NAFTA is killing American jobs and that great big consumer filling station!

NAFTA isn’t doing it for Canada either. Our population below the poverty line can’t start businesses to benefit from the free tax largess and it’s not getting distributed as you might think in a presentable socialist country like Canada. The ‘businesses’ getting rich are neither capitalists or socialists, they’re rich who see rich.

Canada might be #1 in PTSD because of the overseas experience. Government funding using tax revenue, from citizens who pay it, transform taxes into balance sheet revenue in an artificial market place of applications and forms from companies that pander to a state propaganda industry. The miniscule profit, the only real value add, from these businesses is actually tiny! It’s jerry rigging for individual political careers and money balls that have wrought a bastion of sheltered ‘high rollers’ who throw tantrums in the open market.

Stop being jealous and get a clue Canada! Rich-rich Canadians are choosing late term abortion based on birth defect testing but GOD SAYS NO!