National Infrastructure and Public Security

Canada has a public pension fund that pays out public security, like, an old age pension to every Canadian. Each person adds to this fund when a mandatory amount is taken off their working pay check automatically to be given back in retirement (website).

The current fund is bigger than the amount needed to give back to the current population of senior citizens, so the excess amount, instead of sitting idle is seeking investments in infrastructure, like roads, public transit and power grids, and so on.

Ironically the domestic infrastructure projects in Canada aren’t big enough for the public pension fund, and projects that are require more money than the fund can ante up, so the fund has to find partners, mostly foreign public pension funds of other countries, to invest along with it. Except these foreign pension funds aren’t interested (article). So what ends up happening is our pension fund, goes over there, like, China, and invest in their infrastructure projects, leaving major and minor projects at home without investors (article). Canada’s pension fund has a minimum buy-in of $500million on projects, which are few in Canada and these few are also unattractive to foreign partners, such that our pension fund can’t afford to go it alone (article).

Of course, there’s a lot of ballyhoo about the new office for this department of Canada’s pension fund, called the Canada Infrastructure Bank, opening in downtown Toronto, which is just a big commercial lease promotion. This is sh#t to the average working poor and worse for a middle class investor. Sarcastically thanks for making China the greatest country on Earth while I go take a shat in my outhouse next to a homeless person I thought was a pile of discarded clothes! Can we get more ‘loserly’ NOT. It’s no mystery why Canada’s infrastructure look under developed compared to comparably wealthy nations. Every one who has been given the common trust has got their own personal ambition and fear of Canada’s Every-man.

Canada’s near illiterate fund managers and public trust economists are at fault for not exhibiting leadership qualities but their own private reputation. The GDP per capita for Canada does not measure wealth inequality (definition). These people are only safe because Toronto or Vancouver, though high priced, aren’t iconic world class metropolis’. They’re scared. The only thoughts paving the way longer are mine. These people are open ports! They should go back to their portfolio of family and friends at the retail level.

“I think the government so far has been pretty sketchy in how the Infrastructure Bank will be structured, and how it will provide financing. … There’s lots of speculation in the market, and amongst people in the industry, and quite a bit of skepticism. The mantra you’ll hear is that there is more than enough funding, but not enough opportunities. It’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.” (Article)

It’s easy, what’s your problem? I recommend going small-cap with faster payback or better collateral like municipal bonds.