My Omar Khadr Affair Satire

In my introduction video to this new post, I speak on my cursory knowledge of the entire Omar Khadr affair that you can look at yourself on the web including at such websites, like, Wikipedia.

Canada’s military is instructed to shoot first if a child is pointing a machine gun at them (article).

The United Nations philosophy on child-soldiering is that many are recruited with no other option but to fight, at the risk of losing their life (article).

Omar Khadr, though, was loyal to his father who flew his family back and forth while planning to go to war. So that Omar Khadr is an obedient son. It is Omar Khadr’s experience inside Guantanamo Bay that amounts to child abuse.

Nathan Whitling, Khadr’s lawyer says to Canada’s supreme court, the U.S. soldier’s widow’s lawsuit seeking damages against Khadr ought to be dismissed (article).