In Canada: Six Nations Tribes Potentially Innovate Governing

In recent news, a group lead by hereditary leaders of the Six Nations tribes including the Mohawk, are protesting against the actions of their present ‘democratically’ elected band leaders. The currently elected leadership want to place some land belonging to the tribes into an incorporated holding company (article). The protesters want not to have that land connected in any way to the Canadian government. It’s a catch-22 because their sovereign land will become an asset of an incorporated entity under Canada’s corporate regulator. What would appease the native internal debate is if the land were an asset of an incorporated entity under their own nation. Since native tribes are sovereign, and that has been agreed to in Canada’s past, for their military support during the American Revolution (article), the practical solution is to create a corporate regulator of their own, not of Canada’s which is known as the Corporations Canada regulatory body (website). It might be called Corporations Six Nations regulatory body because these tribes exist within Canada as ‘patches of sovereignty’ the way the Vatican exists within Italy as a sovereign country. That company then becomes effectively a foreign corporation, not a Canadian one.