I Choose War and the Sources of All Wars

As I explain in this video

I’m a socially conscious digital marketer and one of the ‘Big 5‘ in the USA. 43, Canadian and Vietnamese frmr royal family, BA, cMBA, MBA admission, divorced & eligible professional straight-male to start my own family upon relocation to NJ since arriving in Canada in 1980 from Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City).

When Canada’s Economic Development Minister trumpets the lowest unemployment rate since 2001, granting that its mostly part-time work (the rest are full time jobs gross, not net of retirement and redundancy which would be a negative), who the f*Ck does he think he’s talking to – high school drop-outs? That can’t be because his generation has fewer number of university degree holders than today. He’s just a salary man, man. Canada’s peace isn’t golden. Canada is full of legalized and socially accepted landmines, including their pithy sense of irrelevance.

I checked into Canada’s multiculturalism and it’s a laughing stock. According to Canada’s 2006 Census, 1/5th identify as Canadians, 1/3 as British, 1/2.5 as European, 1/10th as Scandinavian and 1/4.5 as Vietnamese, 1/7th as Western European, 1/8th as Other European, 1/6th as Indian and so on. Canada’s multiculturalism is 50 shades of white, one shade of yellow, brown, red, 5 shades of beliefs and 10 shades of gay. Canada is trading on a fake multiculturalism that is no better than Orange County California, and it’s true lack of expertise in such things will sink the world into annihilation. It’s loonie toons!

Canada can’t get better by itself because its reward system is fake.