How $241Million from Canada Sank Hillary Clinton’s Presidency

The truth is “Hundreds of Canadian residents contributing to U.S. candidates” (article), but Canada’s media is back-peddling to save this country’s ‘face’ saying it was not that but rather “the newspaper wrongly claimed Canada was giving $241.5 million to the Clinton Foundation” (article).

An oddity NOT! The University of Toronto’s Munk Center of Global Affairs, lists about 172 small businesses in New Jersey alone that are based in Ontario (the Canadian province). With names like California Closets that isn’t from California but Ontario (webpage). And these ‘American’ businesses would have bank accounts in Canada which puts them closest to the anti-G20 movement that are destroying property, blaming social sins on capitalism to advocate for socialism and opposing studying tax reforms using shared government data and pushing for more NAFTA.

Is this what you were looking for? Opportunity cost is not real but it stings like heck.

Exploiting local retailing customers by taking advantage of tax loopholes (e.g. a flawed NAFTA) is one cause of global poverty which creates terrorism and extremism by hording money for the selfish few.