Feature Film: Art Imitating Life in Mystery Train

I think this is a public license version of this film, made available by Vecchi Sigari Spenti. To book a theatrical showing please visit Janus Films webpage for this and some of the finest cinema in the world.

Aloof teenage Japanese tourists, a frazzled Italian widow, and a disgruntled British immigrant all converge in the city of dreams—which, in  my response Mystery Train, from Jim Jarmusch, is Memphis. Made with its director’s customary precision and wit, this triptych of stories pays playful tribute to the home of Stax Records, Sun Studio, Graceland, Carl Perkins, and, of course, the King, who presides over the film like a spirit.  order neurontin cheap overnight at washington Mystery Train is one of Jarmusch’s very best movies, a boozy and beautiful pilgrimage to an iconic American ghost town and a paean to the music it gave the world.

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