Canada Brings Netflix to Canada After Cartel Public Assassination In Mexico

Canadians are a hardier bunch than I and my family, that the country will sign a deal with Netflix immediately after a public assassination in Mexico of a staff on its show Narco, followed by a $1B lawsuit by Pablo Escobar‘s brother for the same show. Canada’s minister of culture announced that Netflix will film $500m worth of shows up in Canada following on the heels of these incidences. Canada can really pick ’em for its own people, just as the police force in North America’s most crowded city, Toronto, is dwindling, since the summer the provincial police units continuously apprehend the largest drug shipment in Canadian history one after another.

Sean Penn is suing Netflix over the same concerns, “hereby on notice that blood will be on their hands if this film causes bodily harm.” (article)

Canada thinks

Drugs doesn’t touch their lives or that it touches every corporations lives

Incidences like these are common to startups

Money is a moral profundity

Grades its own papers

Don’t talk about it

Can compartmentalize

Personally, I have to let ‘fuck ups’ go, hahaha.