Amazon HQ2.0 vs Independence Day {Will Smith}

So Amazon is shopping for new digs for its HQ2.0, that will employ a whopping 50,000 people. Gossip has Boston the favored spot but NYC also gets 2,000 new hires (article). Though Toronto is also a contender.

Toronto’s United Church minister who is an avowed Atheist leads her flock in a neighborhood named West Hill (where I live). This United Church congregation of non devotional worshipers ministered by a non devotional Minister is still getting together every Sunday, as a United Church branch (article) – the Canadian version of the United Church that has the Obama’s as parishioners in the USA.

At the same time that they make it publicly known that they side with Black Lives Matter Canada, which is a movement to correct “sub-standard” police work, I might call it that, in Canada too. That this social justice group ought now be sidling with a spacey crew (article). If we rolled over dead we’d be dead.