Yuppie’s Home Computer Repair Sheet

Fixing a computer at home is a funny thing ~ you need it to fix it, if you’re a yuppie. It’s like taking the car to the next gas station when the tank is empty so further along with this analogy, make sure you have a kind of car kit before an emergency. This sheet helps you change the tire or boost your battery.

  1. your login and passwords to get into the computer, your accounts and onto the internet.
  2. do you have another internet device, like a tablet or smart phone? have it ready.
  3. have you created a boot up disk or do you have the Windows installation disk? Now with Windows 10 you can get the installation and boot files on the web at Microsoft’s webpage. If you can afford to, make a boot CD/DVD and also make a full installation-SD. Earlier machines still boot by CD/DVD not SD. So you can boot by CD/DVD and install by SD.
  4. Know your function keys like F2 to get into your BIOS screen, F12 to get into your boot options screen. Also whether you need to press fn + [F2] or not.

Let’s get at it, okay? There can only be three things that go wrong ~ in combination? No, but it will appear that way, as the real reason will cause problems for them all.

  1. Unplug your computer that it is not connected to anything but itself, meaning no SD cards, no printers and attachments.
  2. Ask yourself. Is it hardware, software program or Operating System.
    1. Hardware: a loose cable inside, a defective hard-drive that is making lots of noise, a new piece of equipment you added. Open your computer case and check that components like RAM and hard-drive are securely attached. They might have loosened. Installing Device Drivers is part of hardware too ~ it’s not as bad as a real OS problem, more on that later.
    2. Software: was a new program installed or updated? There can be incompatibilities, especially if the program was pirated. It could also be a virus from surfing the world wide web. Run an anti-virus and uninstall programs and updates that were recently done by sorting them by date.
    3. Operating System: inattention while using your computer can break the OS. For example, sitting at the kitchen table, you pull out the SD card without Ejecting it first ~ unfortunately Windows was using that SD card for temporary cache for some systems files. Now that chain is broken and your system will crash. This causes a situation called the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). If it is an OS crash, you have a couple of options:
      1. restore a back up ‘image’ of your OS, made prior to the crash. Create a back up at least monthly, so that your computer is only back dated within that month.
      2. if not, use the boot up disk earlier to repair the OS or reinstall it. To reinstall the OS will require a reformatting of your hard-drive, so be ready to lose bric brac as essential documents ought to be in several safe locations like your email and  a cloud online drive like Google Drive.

This good video guides you to reinstall Windows 10.