The New Safe Way to Travel

The common belief that a bigger middle-class in the world will push out drug cultivation. I believe it might very well increase drug production, with the new young professionals all over the world. Such thing is bound to happen because youth is virtually the same.

With that said, drug culture occupies a grey middle class zone now more than ever, especially with wealth and health care.

The new safe way to travel is to research a destination based on its degree of hardship. I caution this because Toronto and Vancouver, are two of the most livable cities in the world for its parks and public spaces, yet the poverty rate is 30% and green parks are places where nurses oversee ‘H’ users shooting up. The income inequality is wide, as is the quality of employment ~ that much is rated by salary not education choice. As a tourist destination what is unique about such places?

Things to look at are:

Rate of poverty

Income inequality and under-employment

Attitude toward drug use

Domestic human rights record

Attitude toward your own country

And also read the small print of such survey’s about livability being about parks but also sluggish economy.

You want to have a good time not a challenging enriching educational trip into the wild.