Review: Laptop Fan for $6.50

I purchased a laptop fan approximately 30 days ago and it got here today. It’s one of the ‘generic’ brands thus it was only $6.50. It delivered to my mail box without me having to pay duties or additional fees. It is quite small.

Here are my first impressions. It does not turn your laptop into an ice-box, there is still heat off the casing but the fan is strong and one can feel the strong breeze from the outlet.

Secondly, the width of the laptop vent is wider than this tiny fan so only one side was able to clip on and I am resting the fan on a table top. When I seal the difference of width between the laptop vent and the fan, it instantly works better.

Thirdly it plugs into the nearest USB and is very quiet. It has a silver rotary knob that opens and closes its outlet for stronger cooling.

I think it will do something. 🙂 My laptop is no longer ‘hot’ in the hot spots like near the power button, the vent area and the touchpad, while the rest of the laptop is ‘dead cool’. And my browser tabs froze for one second before kicking back in – is that a ‘false’ impression? I don’t believe so. Everything is running ‘solidly’ and the laptop is dead quiet. After a bit of time, what was hot is merely softly warm.