Our Entertaining Collection of Tips

Dating Tip: Unicorns with unicorns.

Subjectivity Tip: Conflict of Interest is bigger not smaller than Subjectivity.

Money Tip: How do documentary film makers really make money? Commercials.

Advertising Tip: You can’t remarket if you yourself disable personalized ads and user tracking hahaha. It’s like being on a no call list hahaha

Tip: Job Opening Jr Sales Account Manager, $32,000 plus commission, to manage existing relationships http://wrkriot.com/about/careers hahaha (wrkriot was busted by the cops)

Resume Tip: Try the adjective ‘decent’ and let me know

Indie Movie Tip: In 1976, Taxi Driver, made $14 million at the box office. Back then the price was $1 or $2. That meant practically every American saw that ‘indie’ film. If your indie movie made $14 million today, that’s like $100,000 yesterday. You can’t beat those legends.

Hustling Tip: Hustling is not about employment, it’s really about your family.

SMALL BEDROOM TIP (Bassett Furniture) like put your dresser in the closet

BEST CAR DETAILING TIP How to vacuum a car (video & transcript): http://www.autoblog.com/article/how-to-properly-vacuum-your-car-autoblog-details/ 

MANAGEMENT TIP: Discounters who kept prices low buying foreign goods still went under, its a funny thing.

Tip: Half a thought, because you are prohibited from speaking, is worse than no comment! The Celeb

Audience Tip: Groupie oriented is not group oriented aka a movement.

here’s another tip: if you get oily skin, try baby powder at the base of your hair, to keep your scalp dry

Environmentally AC Tip: The AC blows out hot air, so turn it off and open its vent, when the sun is up. At sunset, close its vent and turn it on – the hot air vents into the cool evening.

Corporate Tip: A loss after EBIT is a loss due to taxation.

Computing Tip: Check this! I had 500 GB in my temporary files, that is ‘free’ space. Do a Disk Clean Up!

Box Office Tip: In the Mummy audiences didn’t like the Jekyll and Hyde character.

Wifi Connection Tip: Because of several devices connected I found out that my browser will drop the connection because of the cache (emptying restores the connection) and it is not due to the router or modem.

another tip: Miss USA goes into show biz and Miss America is brains, also USA is West Coast and America is East Coast style

Sunglasses Tip: Sunglasses for the sun, sounds funny, but they keep you cooler. Anything with ‘Sun’, like Rays or Sol, in the name.

Roku Tip: Sexy channels are rated Adult

Laundry Tip: Dryer sheets, aka fabric softener sheets, remove wrinkles, the more of them you use per load, such as two instead of one. Along with dryer balls, your shirts are wrinkle free.

Portion Control Junk Food Tip: A $1 of junk food is the same for all junk food.

Hygiene Tip: aftershave is a good sensitizer in a pinch.

McDonalds Tip: most of the energy or calories of a Big Mac is in the sauce because I still get hyper using McDonald’s store bought sauces.

Facebook Tip : Mark Zuckerberg is flummoxed that us guys don’t look on both sides of the gutter for controls. HAHAHA

Life Tip: Levels also means Tetris, no long piece yet

Digital Communication Tip: Fun for the audience not for the bts people!

Subprime Tip: Check this out! Sub does not mean below but it means above. Subprime means above the prime rate. Weird eh?

Cyber Security Tip: The weakest, leakiest part of the computer right now is the microphone, despite ‘patches’. Turn off your microphone, even when dormant. Click the speaker icon, choose sound mixer and under Sound Record, disable your microphone devices. They can hear media files you play, if not you necessarily.

MODELLING TIP: If you hopped on one leg as a kid you turned out uneven. You can’t become a model later.

Rideshare vs Taxis: more tips. Heavy desktop users at home will also take more power trips, though light internet users might be seen out and about more often. These types also use the internet for socializing, not consumption.

Look Great Tip: For white pills on your clothes, I run a scissor blade, not a small razor, over it to shave the pills off.

Tip Guys: Carrie Bradshaw, is Holly Golightly, as Candace is Arthur Miller! (correction: Truman Capote)

Tip: A romantic uses their heart as a shield 🙂

Cinema Tip: Fan films are auteurpieces (what is an auteur?)

Business Tip: Better Business Bureau accreditation for self employed is a mere $51.92 a month.

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