My ‘Pinch Zero’ ‘Formula’: Portion Control and Omega 3s.

I am starting a ‘pinch zero’ lifestyle change. I have two inches on my belly that I want down to zero, because when I get to zero fat I will become a ‘superstar’. If you believe in ‘systems’ I believe that’s the way it is. And here’s my tips I’m passing along.

Portion control is very simple:

That is the allotment of peanuts I eat a day and that is how much I drink from a big can of coconut juice the entire day. That’s portion control.

Omega 3s:
Most foods in our modern culture is made up of Omega 6. So we have a deficiency of Omega 3 and overweight people reveal this about themselves: they don’t eat their vegetables. Omega 3s are found in green vegetables and they eliminate the fat that will eventually harden between your organs.  I will be using frozen, which is plenty good, and I mix the products of two different bags together. Like this, fresh bok-choy (this is probably the cheapest green veggie at a mainstream grocer) and frozen mixed veggies. Using the portion control method, I dish them out onto a small dish or plastic container and that’s my helping of veggies that I steam. The veggies I put in a wok with a bamboo steamer.

The peanuts are a source of protein. And recently I love this pork back-bacon, that’s $5 for a chunk that makes sandwiches for 6 nights solid.

Having soup, along with veggies and your sandwich, makes a big difference. I bought 4 boxes of Campbells Cup a Soup for $5 and in each are 4 pouches. That makes 20 cups for my meal.

French Fries:
Are a source of my starch and they also make me happy. French Fries are a happy food. And I also have a helping with my meal.

So my meal consists of:
Pork back-bacon sandwich (that I can change)
Cup of soup
French Fries
Snack on peanuts
Drink instant coffee
Drink other juices

I’ve just begun but I think in a month I can pinch zero from two inches! Why it seems plausible is because the sources of nutrients aren’t refined nor overly processed.

Lastly, but not a final tip, is that home cooked meals taste great because they also sit over night. Speaking of a $5 chunk of pork back-bacon, fire up the oven and cook it whenever you are free like watching TV. I realized you don’t have to make it that day like a restaurant chef.

Finally, of the sandwich I use an Italian bread stick that I cut the length of the pork back-bacon (then I use margarine, lettuce, tomatoes, melted Swiss cheese, mustard and BBQ sauce). Oh, I add seasoned croutons to that Cup a Soup. It’s all a ‘system’ of convenience.