How Stats are Used to Mislead, Ultimately One’s Self.

The Conference Board of Canada, a business group, presents a statistic, that is true but ultimately misleading and worse, does more harm than good for business.

Canada is indeed leading the world in College grads, but careful reading shows, this statistic does not include University grads.

In fact, at any one time, the enrollment in post-secondary education (College, University and Trade Schools) hovers around a piddling 6.8% of the population (Government website).

Canada wants to pass off a lemon to dumb suitors. At any one time, with an aging population, the rate of higher educated is 6.8%, the poverty is 30%, 60% of the employed are on the bottom rung of the income spectrum (30% in the middle run and 10% in the top rung) and the air pollution index is a 9 in a city and province (Toronto, Ontario) that accounts for 38% of GDP.