Google Gets a Wake Up Call from Canadian Socialism

Google loses a high court case in Canada, forcing it to remove websites involved in a trademark and patent infringement case between two other battling parties. Except it has to do so worldwide, beyond Canada’s borders. (article)

There are some unanswered questions and assumptions Google and us readers might be making.
1. is this patent infringement case valid outside Canada?
2. many readers, including Canadians, forget that Canada’s socialism help fund infrastructure, so everything starts from the State coffer. In the article it mentions China..well it isn’t the FTC.
3. does Bing have to do likewise? Are those websites off Bing and other search engines too?

In conclusion, Google will have to comply because it’s socialism bro.

The problem that we have being kissing cousins with the United States, is that many of us, Canadians and Americans, take our differences for granted, unless you really do have cousins!

Take the case of organized labor. Here is the Canadian version, that might be mistaken for the American version, because it might be typed on a Eng-US keyboard.

“There are many problems with the UN’s SDG goals, including the degree of corporate involvement, inadequate appreciation for public services (sic: government involvement) and lack of a fundamental challenge to business-as-usual capitalist economic policies.” (article)

Here’s another difference in how the market operates here in Canada. “The Canadian book publishing industry employs 2,500 people and pays $346 million in salary, comes to $133,000 per person” (article). A lot of Americans with only a high school education might be itching for a piece of this cheese from stories they are told.