Canada, the Racist, Has Murky Motives On U.N. Security Council

The USA, under POTUS Trump and Obama, has lobbied for India to be a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council. A dissenting group of countries, wants to water down the council with the inclusion of more non-permanent member votes. Among this minor group is Canada, whose motivations are murky when the other countries including Pakistan (that hosts a terrorist safe haven), Colombia and Italy have clear reservations that can be addressed. The question is what is Canada’s problem? It won’t say (article).

But in Canada, it’s lead spear is a liar who lied about his generalship (article)

The defence minister’s description was denounced as ‘a bald-faced lie’ by a retired officer familiar with the planning for Operation Medusa in 2006..

Sajjan retracts claim he was ‘architect’ of Canada’s biggest combat operation in Afghanistan

The Colour of Poverty are asking the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination to recognize how Canada has “failed to comply with its international human rights obligations . . . and domestic human rights laws.” (article)

Canada’s politically correct system is proactively practicing affirmative action but there are few takers for hand me jobs.