Canada: ISIL is not the Enemy, the Nanny is!

On the eve of Invictus Foundation Games Toronto, in September, rarely has a Canadian politician served in the military. The current Defense Minister served in the Indian Army and has gotten this nation to rewrite history accusing India of genocide? Canada has no concept of an Enemy other than Nannyism from abroad. Not even ISIL is a state enemy here. What’s next for Canada? A retired Ho Chi Minh General as MP because it weren’t at war with those Reds? Canada isn’t racist, it’s perfect.

MPs send soldiers to war, but few have gone themselves (article)

Canada exerts disproportionate influence for its size because it is rich in natural resources but plays a small tactical role in security. Such that its interests lean toward commerce and pacifism. It is neither Saudi Arabia, with strong Muslim interests, nor Switzerland by U.N. recognition. It is the rich kid who can bail himself out and as such it has fallen behind the times. disconnected from the dirty matter of employment from ‘whiz bang new fangled’ technology. The mass culture embraces it so its not even that Charlton Heston film or Atwood woman, a parable, but rather a funny West World country.

“I was dating a White Viet Cong from Canada.” Canada isn’t modest. Another Commonwealth nation, Australia, comes out strong against terrorism by taking a clear position against it. The lone Western nation in Asia asserts its identity among ‘foreigners’ and together these countries have created something anew, the Trans Pacific Pact free-trade, that North America has the option to participate but its really an Asian Pacific thing. Meanwhile, Canada with its commercial and pacificistic leanings are going the way of BRIC, like a mutual fund. PMOC (a la POTUS) is not a mutual fund!

Canada has deceived on the expense of health of its people to attract commercial investments. It places the burden of its errors on its people a la retail spending but not lack of business spending which is the real pulse. Its retail landscape is a headache but the business body is a corpse. The government knows full well these matters, as the statistics come from them, that every year there is a net loss in entrepreneurs and new businesses that go untold after they disappear from the numbers.

A study says Canada is #2 in Best Places to Live, but its not a Health or Education study, its a Real-estate Development study.  The air pollution in Toronto is the worse among the worse in North American cities. The poverty, if you think 14% is high, is near 30%! The income distribution looks like a dead boa constrictor threw up its dinner. A recent article calls this place Hell.

When a former Mayor called for an end to the gravy train, that non-partisan public official, meant the party polity and he was bludgeoned to death with the printed word. In hindsight with POTUS drawing doodles or wearing sunglasses dancing in front of a mirror, the probable doubt that that former mayor was a crack addict in the midst of a gang land sweep seems more plausible and certainly shows a lack of good civic behavior by the Thought Police in Canada, whose news outlet has become influential all over the world for selling paper with barely there scandal.

The government has grand programs to fund new businesses, few of whom are Better Business Accredited. I’m going after my BBB accreditation! You might see that logo on my business page, to be shared here, I hope. It’s quite simple, promise to keep being good. Dam right I’m proud ~ I’m an honest business owner! I’m rich today because I played by the rules.

Why does the Thought Police in Canada have so much weight? Because telecommunications, that is fiber and telephony, is grouped with professional football, baseball, hockey teams and movies, under the government classification when it takes a picture of the economy. So that Google, a search engine, is flummoxed as to why a ‘film ministry’ ought to block its appeal for a free internet between two other parties arguing over patent rights of mechanical switches used in factories. Seems simpler just to rewrite the loser’s website than to scrub the global world wide web beyond your jurisdiction. It is a rich kid who bails himself out with a big mouth and short limbs, who is behind the times. Where the internet is changing the world, Canada sees it as a toy from a Big Parent.

As a professional, Canada needs a Big Parent to look after its kids social media profile. Unlike elsewhere with the same problem (scoring on your own net for the sake of outsiders), Toronto’s class conscious but deprived culture has reached a ‘known quantity.’ Perhaps Atwood has been redeemed.

The End.