Verizon’s Yahoo Gets A Failing Grade From First Moms

Its a quality debate and is this Made in America quality?! The worse price for a career today is being the second mom and Verizon’s Yahoo is dishing garbage to 200 billion(sic) people. Whats with that stupid company? Verizon bitches get their pick of Verizon engineers HAHAHA Like hell, they’re poor! That’s what you can expect from a Verizon homeschooling bitch! Poor and stupid for rich white folks. Every poor motherfucker at Verizon… or GM… says their millions justify their poor as fuck lifestyle. The poor die in peace in Canada and violently in USA. Our Drake is the male version of Arianna Huffington! A cult justifies mistakes. How did the civil rights movement get here if that was the reality? Drake is a cult hip hop motherfucker! Verizon pussy is dumb and Verizon engineers have no assets HAHAHA. I can tell by their life goals this minute. For fucks sakes, there’s an ad for HD Antennas on Yahoo, there’s not fancy business strategy there, its plain cult dumb ass baggers! Fuck dying, fuck Uber, fuck GM, fuck Yahoo and fuck pension Canada!

A cult is a self centered corporate type. The justification for their success is their self, and their group is the most successful path they know to achieve that success for themselves. A cult provides a person with an organization and a clear path to achieving success for themselves. The cult is like a rolling glacier. Employees or suppliers aren’t cult members of a corporation owned by cultists STUPID! Imagine this, 12 board members and hundreds of thousands of employees. What does it take? And the people that don’t see the math are the stupid as fuck shit heads who are selling a kind of snake oil. There’s not a fucking way shit sells! It’s some kind of grift

Get back in class Gucci Mane you truent bitch! Your grandma is comfortable shit head! You wanna fuck with me you goddam fake tattoo pussy! Those your original drawings ‘faggot’ or a price list cock sucker! Gucci Mane you a stupid penguin!

This Isn’t A Set Up ‘Bitch’! Police “suggested that people refuse to patronize clubs that seem to promote violence. Material advertising the concert by Tennessee rapper Finese 2Tymes showed a man pointing a gun at a camera.”

Little Rock, Ark., to close nightclub after shooters wound 28

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