USA Network That Insists Its Players Date And Ditch Prince Royals

It ain’t HBO: USA Network viewers are young adults who like watching golf, dog shows, edgy TV shows and live at home, go out for social life and work for modest income. USA Network is one of basic cable’s top-rated channels. USA also shows such sporting events as PGA TOUR golf tournaments and The Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Watched by young adults who live at home and go out for social life. USA Network viewers have everything they need hahahaha. It’s the segment for whom ‘Upper class’ means TV work and up because the rich are all one spit.

Corporations that aren’t great, like Warner and NBCUniversal, are using the middle class to attract less income viewers by portraying them as vain. Especially where middle class values means smart because these viewers spend a disproportionate amount of income on ‘luxuries’.

‘Poor’ people must earn it first through acquiring higher education and work, or you are betting on a horse and giving them a feeling of a ‘free pass’. Sorry but your TV and music heroes are dirt bags to us —- you’d rather vegg out than be someone in the community. Good luck.

Here are, supposedly, Comcast and Netflix families and their in-laws.